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spotted 15 /04/2015

Faro Castillo del Morro, Havana, Cuba

Behind the lighthouse is the historic fort everyone calls El Morro ("the bluff"). Its correct name is Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, the Castle of the Three Kings on the Bluff. 

Floodlit every night, the lighthouse also displays two white flashes every 15 seconds to guide ships into the harbor. Built by the Spanish colonial government of Cuba in 1845, the 82-foot tower is one of the island's oldest lighthouses and certainly one of its best known. The fortress is much older; it was built 400 years ago to guard the entrance to Havana Harbor. The tower is 82 feet high and displays two white flashes every 15 seconds at a focal plane of 144 feet. The fortress and the lighthouse are open to tourists daily.The lighthouse is equipped with a beautiful bivalve lens and an electrically-driven rotating mechanism. One plastic lens is an emergency light that is displayed if the mechanism fails.Coordinates  Constructionstone masonry tower Tower shapeculindrical tower with balcony and lanternMarkings / patternunpainted stone tower, grey lantern Admiralty numberJ4857 NGA number12580 ARLHS numberCUB-009 Coordinates 23°09′01.4″N82°21′26.3″W