Lighthouse in the church

               Lighthouse after the fire

New Lighthouse Borkum.
1879 (station established 1817). Active; focal plane 63 m (207 ft); two white flashes, separated by 2.7 s, every 12 s; at 46 m (151 ft) there is also a directional light displaying continuous white, red, or green light depending on direction. 60 m (197 ft) round brick tower with a tall (3-story) octagonal base, lantern and gallery. The tower is unpainted gray-brown brick, the base is covered in brown tile; the lantern has a red dome. This robust tower is either the second or third tallest brick lighthouse in the world, comparable to the famous Cape Hatteras Light in the U.S. It is the landfall light for the Ems estuary and the port of Emden. Recently restored. Located on Strandstraße at Goethestraße near the west end of the island. Site open; tower open for climbing daily April through October and on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons November through March. Operator: WSA EMDEN. ARLHS FED-009; Admiralty B0970; NGA10032.
53° 35′ 19.65″ N6° 39′ 43.57″ E

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The Little Lighthouse Borkum
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The Little Lighthouse Borkum ​​​​​​​is located on a 10 meter high dune on the South-West side of Borkum.  The Lighthouse is one of the three Lighthouse(s) on Borkum.  It was a leading light for the two approach channel of Ems, the Hubertgat (Netherlands) and Westerems (Germany).This Lighthouse was a part of the Dutch-German project of illuminating sub-Ems.  Five Lighthouses are placed together in service and each of the five leading light was for a specified section on the ship route between the North Sea and Emden responsible.  The Little Lighthouse Borkum pointed its direction light of the waters of Hubertgat and Westerems in the outermost region of the Ems estuary.
The Little Lighthouse Borkum was a prototype built in a series of nine lighthouses built in Germany, pre-fabricated.  This Lighthouse is referred to "Electric Lighthouse" as it was the first Lighthouse built for electrical equipment in Germany.In the early 1960s, as the waters of Westerems had shifted, the lighthouse was only a leading light for the control of Hubertgats.  In summer 2003, as the fairway in Hubertgat had changed by shifting sand, the Lighthouse was decommissioned.

 53° 34′ 43.5″ N, 6° 40′ 1.3″ E

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1960. Active; focal plane 15 m (49 ft); two white flashes every 16 s. 16 m (52 ft) round cylindrical lantern, gallery, and watch room supported by tripod pilings. Lantern and watch room painted red with a white band at the base of the watch room. This Lighthouse replaced the former Außenrandzel lighthouse; the lens from Außenrandzel was transferred to Fischerbalje. In early 2005, Borkum officials successfully protested a WSA Emden plan to replace the Lighthouse, and stated their belief it should be retained. It was, but the former sector lights were replaced by a much weaker, general-purpose white light. Located off the end of the breakwater at Reede Borkum, the ferry terminal at the south end of the island; Accessible by boat and (with caution) on foot at low tide. Site and tower closed. Operator: WSA Emden . ARLHS FED-023; Admiralty B0976; NGA 10040.
53° 33,2′ N / 06° 43,0′ E
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Borkum Düne
these small Lighthouse,

, which consists of a four-legged steel frame, an end plate and an unusually shaped lantern considerable: Although the lake has been completed, the back side is made of two straight steel plates. As a location for the tower was chosen from a dune, which is only 220 meters to the southeast of the electric lighthouse.In 1995, the lighthouse was unnecessary and likely to be concluded. A demolition and sale of the land was waiting for it, but the resourceful people could prevent the WSA Emden. Currently, this is a site for a weather station, so the grounds could remain in the hands of the ESC. Although the lantern today is no optical chamber, the tower is still well maintained 53° 35' N 006° 40' E

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