Lighthouses Brittany 2

image-45534-kabloes Lighthouse_La_houle_sous_cancale (old).JPG?1449048683572
Light La houle sous cancale,(Old lighthouse)
La Houle sous Cancale (old lighthouse)
1863. Inactive since 1937. 11.5 m (38 ft) round stone tower with lantern and gallery. The lighthouse was originally painted white, but all the paint has faded from the tower; the lantern is black.This lighthouse was built at the foot of the Jetée de la Fenêtre and was deactivated when the jetty was extended. It was replaced by a light on an 11 m (36 ft) square skeletal tower at the end of the extended jetty (focal plane 12 m (39 ft); green light, occulting three times every 12 s). Located on the waterfront in Cancale, on the west side of the Baie du Mont Saint-Michel. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS Number: FRA-210
Admirality Number: Build: 1868
Construction: stone
Height: 11.5 m
GPS: 48 40 14 / -1 51 06

image-45535-kabloes Lighthouse_La_houle_sous_cancale new.JPG?1449048908861
Light La houle sous cancale,(New lighthouse)

image-45537-kabloes Lighthouse_La_houle_sous_cancale lantern old.jpg?1449049269114
Light La houle sous cancale,
(New lighthouse)
This light is the replacement for FRA-210 which was deactivated in 1937. 
ARLHS Number: FRA-779 
Build: 1937 
Construction: iron 
Height: 11 m 
GPS: 48 40 06 / -1 51 06 
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image-45538-kabloes Lighthouse_La_houle_sous_cancale_lantern new.jpg?1449049329791
image-46564-kabloes Lighthouse_Rochebonne.JPG?1449482383107

Lighthouse Rochebonne.The original lighthouse here was destroyed in August 1944. A new lighthouse was built after the war and became operational in 1948. The light serves as a rear light to the Grand Jardin Light for the Chenal de la Grande Porte. Tower Height: 65 Height of Focal Plane: 131 Characteristic and Range: Fixed red; range 24 nautical miles. Description of Tower: Square stone tower, painted white on the side facing the alignment, with a red gabled upper portion above the gallery. This light is operationa. Earlier Towers?

1867: Square tower, painted in red and black bands, 62 feet tall, focal plane height of 128 feet. Date Established: 1867. Date Present Tower Built: 1948. Current Use: Active aid to navigation. Open To Public? Grounds only.

48 ° 40'16 "N 1 ° 58'42" W

image-46565-kabloes Lighthouse_Rochebonne_optiek.jpg?1449482423883
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image-46568-kabloes Lighthouse_de_la_balue.JPG?1449563466125
The Lighthouse Balue The original lighthouse here an de right was blown up by German troops in August 1944. The new tower is very similar to the original, except that a gallery has been added and the light is now shown through a round window. The light serves as a rear light for the Bas-Sablons Light. This range is used in conjunction with the range formed by the Grand Jardin and Rochebonne lights to enter the harbor of Saint-Malo.
Tower Height: 121
Height of Focal Plane: 226
Characteristic and Range: Fixed green; range 24 nautical miles.
Description of Tower: Square stone tower with a gallery. The light is shown through a round window at the top of the tower, above the gallery.
This light is operational
Earlier Towers?
1868: Square stone tower, upper part painted black on the side facing the alignment, light shown through a rectangular window; 116 feet tall, focal plane height of 221 feet.
Date Established: 1868
Date Present Tower Built: 1948
Current Use: Active aid to navigation.
Open To Public? Grounds only.

48° 37'36" N, 2° 00' 14"W
                   Spotted on May 13, 2012

                          Photo: Courtesy of Michel Forand
image-46702-kabloes The lighthouse De Bas-Sablons,Saint_Malo.JPG?1449568996649
The lighthouse De Bas-Sablons(The lighthouse of Lower Sablons) is on the platform of the beach of Lower Sablons in the Saint-Servan, former commune attached to the city of Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine (Brittany).
 This is one of four lighthouses port of St. Malo.
 History: In 1868, a project approved in 1866, construction of a square tower of 8m masonry and stone by a contractor of Avranches. This lighthouse is equipped with a fire catoptric. In 1877, the city and its lights make invisible its original tower. It is hand colored and 6.5 m and equipped with a green light occulting every 4 seconds.
In 1911, a first attempt fails electrification and a gas burner is installed temporarily. In 1912, the lighthouse was electrified with a green light occulting every 4 seconds. In 1944 he escaped destruction planned by the Germans at the time of landing. In1948, he became a fixed directional light green.
Current lighthouse: It is a square tower of three levels contiguous to a building forming a level terrace for storing matériels.Il is located at a height above the sea of 24.96 m, its size is usually 19 , 50m.
Completely renovated, the lighthouse is painted white, with black top. It is also bitter for the harbor and located in alignment with the Grand Jardin lighthouse, it marks the entrance channel to St. Malo.
It is automated and remote control.
48 ° 38 '10 "N 2 ° 01' 18" W /
image-46703-kabloes The lighthouse De Bas-Sablons,.jpg?1449569102662
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Lighthouse du coq
1947 (station established 1848). Active; focal plane 11 m (36 ft); green light, occulting three times every 12 s in a 2+1 pattern, synchronized with the rear light, and intensified on the range line. 13 m (42 ft) round cylindrical stone tower with gallery and a small modern lantern. Seaward side of the tower painted white with a green vertical stripe; lantern is white. This lighthouse is a copy of the original, which was destroyed by the Germans in August 1944; a temporary light served until the new tower was built.  This is the front light for the entrance range for the Odet estuary and the harbor of Bénodet. Located in Bénodet, on the east side of the entrance to Odet estuary and close to the Fort du Coq (1862). Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-747; Admiralty D0913.9; NGA 0424.
47.87172° / -4.111746°
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image-46708-kabloes Lighthouse_Benodet Ligthouse la Pyramide__.JPG?1449571053836
lighthouse Bénodet Ligthouse la Pyramide is located on the left bank of the Odet to Benodet on the town.
The light tower height of 39 meters, painted white, is the element upstream of two alignments:
History: The name of the lighthouse from a pyramid of stones, used in alignment with a rock shaped like a rooster, which was used to identify the entrance of the river Odet.
December 15, 1848, the first lighthouse  la Pyramide was completed and lit. This is a turret so that measures 9 feet high and occupies the circular space at the end of the first current path leading to the light.
 In 1887, an improvement of the markup in the input alignment with Odet is decided under the direction of the Chief Engineer Louis Plantier. The lighthouse is built of Combrit, and the lighthouse La Pyramide is moved and raised to 38 meters to accommodate two rows at a time. It is made of leucogranite Breton, rock easily processable. It was completed and lit 15 May 1887.
August 10, 1944, the lighthouse was decapitated at mid-height by the Germans. It will be rebuilt exactly and on again in 1950, with a fire occultation every 12 seconds.
Lighthouse Benodet (Ligthouse la Pyramide)
Coordinates 47 ° 52'30 "N 4 ° 06'46" W / 47875, -4.11278 ARLHS FRA-748; Admiralty D0914; NGA 0428. 
Elevation 50.48 m Range 14.5 miles
Lights fixed fire: 2 + 1 long flash short (white)
automation 1993
47° 52" 30' 4° 6" 48'
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image-46710-kabloes The lighthouse Combrit Ligthouse de Sainte Marine.JPG?1449571657467
The lighthouse of Sainte-Marine is located on the tip of Combrit in Finistere, near the fort, near the small port of Sainte-Marine Street Glénan.
Located at the mouth of the river Odet, the common Combrit is near Sainte-Marine, just opposite the port of Benodet. It has a lighthouse, called The lighthouse Combrit, on the right side of the river Odet.
The construction of the lighthouse dates back to 1885: a fixed white light, on a square tower gable of the main building of 13.20 meters high, made by a contractor of Pont l'Abbé, Caesar Maubrat. The lighthouse was electrified in 1943 and damaged 10 August 1944 by German troops.
It materializes, with the fire of the lighthouse Benodet, an alignment north, which bring about the latter port harbor front.
The lighthouse consists of a square tower topped by a red lantern metal and attached to the keeper's house. The south wall is pierced by four windows arranged vertically. The house is paired in the same material as the lighthouse and its roof is lined with zinc
ARLHS FRA-245; Admiralty D0914.1; NGA 0420. 
47°52′29″N 4°06′46″O / 
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image-46713-kabloes echmuhl_art.jpg?1449572336824
                                                                                      The lighthouses Penmarc'h Echmuhl 
                                                                                                 The Semaphore ( art ),

image-46716-kabloes The Old lighthouse Pemarch Echmuhl The Semaphore en the tower.jpg?1449572920283
                    The Old lighthouse Pemarch Echmuhl,
                        The Semaphore en the tower,
The Old lighthouse Pemarch
Tower height: 39.50 meters
Light range: 40 km
Fire: turning, successive eclipses every 30 seconds
Date of construction: 11 November 1831 to November 20, 1835
A lighthouse powered oil:
The lighthouse was built by the contractor Rouvillois Glomel under the direction of the engineer Goury Lighthouse and Beacon. It will be inaugurated on 20 November 1835 and replaces the interim fire installed on the old tower. The estimated cost of work amounts to 110,000 francs.
The tower is of ashlar masonry, the same as the lighthouse of Batz. It rests on a square base with 15 rooms on 2 floors. These rooms were used as housing for lighthouse keepers.
Monitoring and maintenance were provided by five guards and a master of lighthouse that was staying in these rooms on the bottom of the tower.
A second life for the lighthouse:
The old lighthouse is now a Maritime Discovery Center which is held at ground floor, the permanent exhibition on the history of lighthouses. The floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions have always connected with the maritime environment
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image-46718-kabloes Lighthouse dEckmühl.JPG?1449573807384
Big lighthouse Eckmühl
1897 (station established 1831). Active; focal plane 60 m (197 ft); white flash every 5 s. 65 m (213 ft) square granite tower with lantern, octagonal granite watch room, and gallery. Tower unpainted, lantern painted white.  In the late 1880s it was decided that the light at Penmarc'h should be raised to a focal plane of 60 m, but engineers reported that the 1835 tower was not strong enough to support such an extension. Adélaïde-Louise Davout, Marquise de Blocqueville, who died in late 1892, left substantial funds for the new tower in her will, provided the lighthouse was dedicated to the memory of her late husband Napoléon-Louis Davout, Prince d'Eckmühl. The result is one of the most impressive lighthouses ever built on the French mainland, standing at the southwestern corner of Finistère and the northwestern entrance to the Bay of Biscay.  The centennial of the lighthouse was celebrated in 1997. Located in Saint-Pierre, on the point of Penmarc'h, about 3 km (1.8 mi) southwest of the town of Penmarc'h. Site open, tower open (information is needed on the schedule). Site manager: Centre de Découverte Maritime. ARLHS FRA-256; Admiralty D0890; NGA 0308.
 47° 47′ 19.55″ N, 4° 22′ 22.23″ W
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image-46937-kabloes kergadec Lighthouse.JPG?1449604390912
Lighthouse Kergadec1950 (station established 1887). Active; focal plane 44 m (144 ft); continuous red light, intensified on the range line; also a quick-flashing light, white, red, or green depending on direction. 15 m (49 ft) octagonal concrete tower with gallery but no lantern. Upper quarter of the tower painted red, the rest white. 
The second (1902) lighthouse was destroyed by German troops in 1944. Located on a hill on the southwest side of Audierne. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-325; Admiralty D0877.1; NGA 0288.Range White 12 sm Red 9 sm Green 9 sm 
48° 01' N | 004° 33' W
image-46938-Lighthouse Kergadec kabloes.JPG?1449604478872
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image-46940-kabloes Lighthouse Trescadec Audierne.JPG?1449605113327
Lighthouse Trescadec Audierne
1856 (relocated here in 1887). Inactive since 1972. 10 m (33 ft) round cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, painted white; lantern and gallery painted red. , This was the original rear light of the Raoulic range, located in the garden of the Capucin monastery in Audierne. In 1887 the range was realigned; a new rear lighthouse was built at Kergadec, and this lighthouse was relocated to the waterfront to serve as a second front light (on a different range line) for Kergadec. Located on the Boulevard Manu Brusq, the coastal road west of the Audierne harbor entrance. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-789.                     Spotted on May 15, 2012
image-46944-kabloes The lighthouse Raoulic Audierne_.JPG?1449607582083
The lighthouse Raoulic Audierne,The lighthouse was built Raoulic at the end of the pier as necessary to mark the channel entrance to the port of Audierne.
Headlights and Trescadec Kergadec, built in 1887, enabling ships to bypass the counter and the fearsome rocks Bowl coming back to Audierne or the nearby port of Lervily. They were electrified in 1931. (Lighthouse Trescadec is off since1972). 1856. Active; focal plane 11 m (36 ft); three flashes every 12 s, white or green depending on direction. 11 m (36 ft) round cylindrical masonry tower with gallery, painted white. Lantern removed and replaced by a modern light on a short mast.  This was formerly the front light of a range with the Feu de Kergadec (next entry) as the rear light. The range has been discontinued, but both lights remain in service. Located at the end of the Jetée de Raoulic, on the west side of the entrance to the harbor of Audierne. Accessible by walking the pier. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-447; Admiralty D0877; NGA 0296. 
Spotted on May 15, 2012
image-46947-kabloes Lighthouse Perdrix.jpg?1449608507822
Lighthouse Perdrix,
1915. Inactive since at least 2000. 18 m (59 ft) octagonal reinforced concrete tower with lantern and gallery mounted on a stone base. Tower painted in a black and white checkerboard pattern; lantern and gallery painted black.  At some point the original lantern was removed and replaced with a modern light;  The Bureau des Phares et Balises planned to demolish the lighthouse after its deactivation, but the neighboring towns of Île Tudy and Loctudy intervened to take control of the lighthouse and maintain it at their expense as a daybeacon. In 2002 the towns restored the lighthouse and installed a replica lantern. Note: there is also a Feu des Perdrix at Lézardrieux on the northern shore of Brittany. Located on a shoal in the entrance to the Pouldon estuary, between Loctudy and Île Tudy. Accessible only by boat, but easily seen from shore on either side. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-389. 
47° 50' 6.82" N  4° 9' 56.27" W
Spotted on May 18, 2012

image-46956-kabloes Lighthouse Langoz.JPG?1449610112671
The lighthouse Langoz
built in 1863 is located in Loctudy, opposite the island-Tudy, near Combrit.
Active; focal plane 13 m (42 ft); four flashes every 12 s, white, red, or green depending on direction. 13 m (42 ft) round cylindrical stone tower with gallery and a small modern lantern.  This is the entrance light for the Pouldon estuary and the Rivière de l'Abbé. The original lantern was destroyed by the Germans in June 1944. Located on the Pointe de Langoz at the end of Rue du Phare in Loctudy. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-330; Admiralty D0906; 
Spotted on May 18, 2012
image-47023-kabloes Guilvinec Feu postrieur.jpg?1449652644321
Guilvinec Feu postérieur
1871. Active; focal plane 26 m (85 ft); quick-flashing white light visible only on or near the range line. Approx. 17 m (56 ft) square cylindrical masonry tower with a broad false front with gabled top and two false chimneys. The false front is painted white with a broad red vertical stripe. . NGA lists the tower height as 25 m (82 ft), but Fichou's account leads to the more reasonable estimate of 17 m. This rather unusual lighthouse was raised in height by 2.5 m (8 ft) by addition of the lantern-drum in 1903, when the range was realigned. At that time the light was 500 m (0.3 mi) northeast of the 1903 front light; today it is 1000 m (0.6 mi) northeast of the 1987 front light.located at the end of the south breakwater, which extends beyond the end of the entrance moles. Site and tower closed; mole is too narrow and exposed for walking . ARLHS FRA-591; Admiralty D0896.1; NGA 0368. 
.47°47'52" N.4°46'36" O.
Spotted on May 18, 2012
It is the old lighthouse Guilvinec.
Called Also little lighthouse de la Pointe de Léchiagat.
The lighthouse is out of service.
I can not find further information about year and when the light was extinguished.
Spotted on May 18, 2012
image-47044-kabloes old lighthouse Guilvinec.JPG?1449653438914
image-47024-kabloes lighthouse plate to de port du guilvinec.jpg?1449653056912
image-47066-kabloes Lighthouse Pier Guilvinec.JPG?1449653928465
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Lighthouse Pier Guilvinec
This lighthouse is active since 1923, with a focal plane of 11 meters. It emits a red every 4 seconds. The height of the tower masonry round with lantern and gallery is 10 meters. The top half of the lighthouse is painted red, the bottom half is white. The port opens to the west, the entrance being to narrow opening. Located at the north end of the pier. Pier within walking distance.
Pays  France 
Localisation Le Guilvinec, Finistère 
Construction 1922 
Hauteur 10 m 
Élévation 15 m 20 
Portée 9 milles nautiques dans l'axe 
Feux 1 éclat rouge, 4 secondes 
Gardienné non 
Visiteurs non 
ARLHS FRA-314; Admiralty D0900; NGA 0376.
47°48′N 4°17′W / 47.8, -4.283
image-47075-kabloes Léchiagat light.JPG?1449655466540
                     Spotted on May 18, 2012
Léchiagat light 
Admiralty Code : D-0899 
Area : Coasts of Bretagne Sud 
Location : Finistère Sud 
Latitude : 47°47'30" N. 
Longitude : 4°17'6" W. 
Type : Flashing      
Color : Green 
Period : 4.0 s 
Nb flash/occ : 1 
Height : 3.00 m 
Elevation : 5.00 m 
Range :  7 Miles 
particularities :
L. 1 s, Oc. 3 s
image-47076-kabloes Light mole faoutes Guilvinec.JPG?1449655785464
Light mole faoutes Guilvinec
Admiralty Code : D-0896.05 
Area : Coasts of Bretagne Sud 
Location : Finistère Sud 
Latitude : 47°47'35" N. 
Longitude : 4°16'55" W. 
Subject : Alignment 
Type : Quick flashing      
Height : 11.00 m 
Elevation : 12.00 m 
                Color     Beginning     End    Range  
Sector 1   White        6               293      14 
Sector 2   Green      293              6         11 
particularities :
on range line 53° - synchronized lights 
Spotted on May 18, 2012
image-47077-kabloes Lighthouse Lost-Moan.JPG?1449656230967
Lighthouse Lost-Moan
This lighthouse is active with a focal plane of 8 meters. It sends three signals every 12 seconds, white, red or green depending on direction. He noted the shallows of "Karek Hir". It measures 12.5 meters and it is a concrete tower with gallery, painted rouge.Il is located at the eastern end of a barely submerged reef about 800 meters south of the entrance of Guilvinec. It is accessible only by boat ARLHS FRA-591; Admiralty D0898; NGA 0380. 
Spotted on May 18, 2012
image-47078-North mole_end_light__Camaret-sur-Mer__.JPG?1449656998501
North-mole end light (Camaret-sur-Mer)
Admiralty Code : D-0816 
Area : Coasts of Bretagne Nord 
Location : Iroise sea 
Latitude : 48°16'55" N. 
Longitude : 4°35'13" W. 
Type : Isophase      
Period : 4.0 s 
Nb flash/occ : 1 
Height : 7.00 m 
Elevation : 7.00 m 
N48°16.85' W4°35.31'
Spotted on May 18, 2012
Lighthouse Camaret-sur-Mer ,
1883. Inactive since 1964. 10 m (33 ft) round masonry tower with gallery, painted green. When the light was deactivated, the lantern was removed and replaced with a green triangular daymarker on a short mast. Now painted white an not a green Triangular daymarker .The active light was moved to the end of a new breakwater.  Located at the end of the old breakwater on the north side of the harbor of Camaret. Accessible by walking the breakwater. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS FRA-208; Admiralty D0816. 
48° 16' 50.03" N  4° 35' 28.21" W
Spotted on May 18, 2012
image-47086-kabloes Lighthouse Morgat.JPG?1449658792789
                        Spotted on May 18, 2012
Lighthouse Morgat
The lighthouse is a home-Morgat lighthouse overlooking the bay of Brest, resort.
 Location: The lighthouse is located presqu'île de Crozon, at the top of the cliff in the axis of the tip of Kador (Beg ar Gador), in the pines above the marina and old fishing port (for sardines and tuna), which marks the entrance.
It is reached by a small road or on foot via the coastal path, from Morgat.
Description: This is a white square tower, with red top, on the gable of the dwelling house.
Site open, tower closed.
ARLHS FRA-364; Admiralty D0826; NGA 0212. 
Coordinates 48 ° 13'11 "N 04 ° 29'48" W / 48.21972, -4.49667
Built 1914 Height 15 m Elevation 77 m
 Fires 4 occultations / 12 s