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Capo dell'Arma Light (Punta Verde Light)
Latitude 43° 49" 3'
Longitude 7° 49" 54'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Ligurian Sea
Height Above Water 164 feet
Light Characteristics Two white flashes every 15 seconds; range 24 nautical miles
Address NW coast of Italy, Ligurian Sea
 Capo dell'Arma Light (Punta Verde Light),1948 (station established 1912). Active; focal plane 50 m (164 ft); two white flashes every 15 s. 15 m (49 ft) round cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, centered on the roof of a 2-story masonry keeper's house. Lighthouse painted white; the keeper's house is painted white with a black horizontal band encircling the house.  Not far east of San Remo, this lighthouse marks a prominent cape. It was rebuilt in 1947-48 after being destroyed during World War II. Located on the point of the cape above the SP-1 coastal highway, about 3 km (2 mi) southwest of Arma di Taggia. Site and tower closed, but the lighthouse can be seen easily from the highway. ARLHS ITA-013; EF-1474; Admiralty E1152; NGA 7316.
Capo dell'Arma Light (Punta Verde Light),

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                    Spotted 09 may 2009
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Fake Lighthouse in the harbor, San Remo, Riviera, Liguria, Italy,Spotted 09 may 2009

image-43367-Light San Remo.jpg?1448124431554
Standort Porto di San Remo
Name S Mole
Position N43°48.91' E7°47.22'
Spotted 09 may 2009
Lighthous:Isola di Murano
white light, 4 s on, 2 s off. 35 m (115 ft) round cylindrical stone tower with lantern and double gallery. The lighthouse is painted white; near the top there are three black horizontal bars facing the range line. The lantern appears to be empty and without glass; the light is apparently mounted on the top gallery rail. The lighthouse has a distinct lean in the seaward direction. Murano is part of the city of Venice but about 1.5 km (1 mi) to the north; it is accessible by waterbus from the central city. Located 3.2 km (2 mi) west northwest of the front light, on the southeast side of the Isola di Murano, near the foot of the Calle Giuseppe Briati. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS ITA-088; EF-4177.1
Country: Italy
Water: Mediterranean Sea
Region: Venice
Location: Murano
Year of construction: 1912
Building height: 35m
Fire height: 37m
Position: 45°27'10"N  12°21'16"E
Spotted 08/09/2014
photo off Trabas 
Lighthouse:San Giorgio Maggiore
Date unknown. Active (privately maintained); focal plane about 10 m (33 ft); light pattern unknown. Approx. 12 m (39 ft) octagonal stone tower with gallery. The lighthouse is unpainted white stone. San Giorgio Maggiore is an island across the Grand Canal from the center of Venice. A breakwater protects a harbor on the north side of the island, and this is western of two identical towers at the ends of the breakwater. The west tower is in the foreground of the island. It is not known if the east tower has been used as a lighthouse. Located at the western end of the San Giorgio Maggiore breakwater. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed. Admiralty E2498.Position:N45°25.81' E12°20.59'

Spotted 08/09/2014
photo off SCOTT S. WARREN